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QX104 and Celebrations Dinner Theatre are teaming up to bring you the Celebrations TGIF Club!

Enter online for your chance to win dinner and a show at Celebrations Dinner Theatre for FOUR.  We'll pick a winner every single Friday!

If your name is selected, you'll win dinner at Celebration the following Friday and you'll have three of your friends, family members, or co-workers owing you a favour somewhere down the road.

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Pirates of North Saskatchewan III
June 6  — August 9 2014
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Ahoy, sea dogs! Man the masts! Secure the rum! Captain Jack returns to set sail down the mighty river Saskatchewan for one final pilgrimage! The great Admiral Northington has arranged a truce with all prairie Pirates! Tonight, they all gather to sign the peace treaty - could this be the end of the Pirates of the North Saskatchewan?

Take no heed if you have not seen the Pirates of the North Saskatchewan 1 or 2, this is a stand-alone tale! A new swashbuckling adventure complimented with classic rock hits of the 70s! Aye, this is the tale of the most treacherous, the most terrifying, this be the final tale of the Pirates of the North Saskatchewan! From the creators of our pirate adventures one and two, Celebrations is proud to present the final swashbuckling tale!

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