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Album Review

Vocalist Teena Marie began the '90s recovering from an accident in Texas that had broken six ribs. This album was an attempt to recapture her earlier success, and included a song written and produced by Soul II Soul's Jazzie B. Unfortunately, it didn't generate much action, and Marie was unable to halt the slide that had begun in the mid-'80s. Despite some strong, often delightful and energetic vocals, no single from the album exploded, and Marie would soon find herself dropped from the label.
Ron Wynn, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Here's Looking at You
  2. The Sugar Shack Prelude
  3. The Sugar Shack
  4. If I Were a Bell
  5. Just Us Two
  6. Mr. Icecream
  7. Ivory (A Tone Poem)
  8. Snap Your Fingers
  9. Cupid Is a Real Straight Shooter
  10. How Can You Resist It
  11. Since Day One
  12. Miracles Need Wings to Fly
  13. The Red Zone
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