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February 03, 2009
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Pop/Rock, Early Pop/Rock, Sunshine Pop, British Invasion, AM Pop

Album Review

Listeners looking for a collection of Petula Clark’s big hits from the '60s might find this Valentine’s Day-themed set of love songs a little disappointing -- none of those hits are here -- but it’s definitely worth a second look. Clark was already in her thirties when “Downtown” and the like struck gold internationally, and she had been singing with success in the U.K. for some time before that, and she kept singing well after the hit parade days ended. The tracks collected here were recorded in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, many of them with her longtime producer Tony Hatch, and several alternate takes and extended mixes are included. Among the highlights are Clark’s wonderful version of Queen’s “These Are the Days of Our Lives,” tracked when the singer had just turned 70.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. These Are the Days of Our Lives
  2. More Love [#]
  3. Didn't I Say I Love You [Alternate Take]
  4. I Am Your Song [Extended Version][Edit][Alternate Take]
  5. Walking on Air
  6. Open Your Heart [#]
  7. Good Things Don't Last Forever [#]
  8. Come to Me for Love [#]
  9. The Wedding Song (There Is Love) [#][Version]
  10. Serenade of Love [Extended Mix][#][*]
  11. Little Bit of Lovin'
  12. Silver Spoon
  13. Fixing to Live
  14. C'est Ca, Ma Chanson [Alternate Version][Alternate Take][#]
  15. Swiss Valley [English Version][#]
  16. Thank You My Love [English Version][#]
  17. Super Loving Lady
  18. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
  19. A Song for You [Live][#]
  20. In the City [#]
  21. It's OK (I Believe in You) [Alternate Mix][Alternate Take][#]