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April 03, 2010
Pop/Rock, Indie Rock, Britpop, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

Album Review

For a brief period, Doves ruled the roost when it came to 21st century Brit-pop. Their music connected the dots between OK Computer-era Radiohead, Coldplay, and U2, a welcome combination for those unwilling to forgive U2's Pop or follow Radiohead down their Kid A rabbit hole. As a result, Lost Souls and The Last Broadcast both went platinum in the U.K., spawning no less than six Top 40 singles in the process. Those two albums dominate The Places Between, a greatest-hits compilation that focuses on the band’s glory days. To their credit, Doves have yet to release a dud of a record -- even the band’s lowest-selling album, Kingdom of Rust, went gold -- and they’ve collected their strongest material here, meaning the records that didn’t sell as well are still represented by strong, melodic tracks. “Andalucia,” the compilation’s only new track, holds its own against 14 established hits, a sign that Doves aren’t quite done with their reign of the U.K. charts. [For the true Doves fanatic, The Places Between was also released in a triple-disc package, including a bonus disc of rare recordings and a DVD featuring the band’s music videos.]
Andrew Leahey, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. There Goes the Fear
  2. Black and White Town
  3. Snowden
  4. Here It Comes
  5. Words
  6. Kingdom of Rust
  7. Sea Song
  8. Pounding
  9. 10:03
  10. Catch the Sun
  11. Jetstream
  12. The Man Who Told Everything [Summer Version] [Version]
  13. Andalucia
  14. Caught by the River
  15. The Cedar Room
  16. Blue Water
  17. Eleven Miles Out
  18. Rise
  19. Darker
  20. Push Me On
  21. Willow's Song [Bury Version] [Version]
  22. Valley
  23. Northenden
  24. M62 Song
  25. The Drifter
  26. Friday's Dust [Capitol Tower Session] [Version]
  27. Almost Forgot Myself [Demo] [Demo Version]
  28. Your Shadow Lay Across My Life
  29. The Last Son
  30. The Sulphur Man
  31. At the Tower [Instrumental Edit] [Edit][Instrumental]
  32. Reprise
  33. Ambition
  34. Firesuite [Noise Version] [Version]
  35. The Cedar Room [DVD]
  36. Sea Song [DVD]
  37. Here It Comes [DVD]
  38. Catch the Sun [DVD]
  39. The Man Who Told Everything [DVD]
  40. There Goes the Fear [DVD]
  41. Pounding [DVD]
  42. Caught by the River [DVD]
  43. Black and White Town [Director's Cut] [DVD]
  44. Snowden [Live] [Edit] [DVD] [Edit][Live]
  45. Sky Starts Falling [DVD]
  46. Kingdom of Rust [DVD]
  47. Winter Hill [DVD]