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Bear Family Records
Country, Country-Pop, Nashville Sound/Countrypolitan, Traditional Country, Honky Tonk

Album Review

When George Jones left United Artists to join Musicor in 1965, it was decided to start off with a duet recording session with teen idol (and labelmate) Gene Pitney. The session resulted in two duet albums -- George Jones & Gene Pitney and It's Country Time Again -- as well as a solo country album by Pitney, The Country Side of Gene Pitney. Bear Family's George Jones & Gene Pitney collects the 31 songs recorded during these sessions. For a seemingly unlikely pairing, the two complemented each other well, with Pitney proving himself not only a fan of the genre but also a competent country singer as well. Though only two hits came from the albums ("Love Bug" and the brilliant "Thing Have Gone to Pieces" -- the latter absent from this collection for some reason), this disc captures some truly inspired moments by both artists. In light of the scarcity of good CD collections of George Jones' Musicor recordings, this disc is essential to anyone who wants a complete picture of Jones' career.
Chris Woodstra, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Why Baby Why
  2. Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)
  3. For Me This Is Happy
  4. That's All It Took
  5. I'm Gonna Listen to Me
  6. I'm a Fool to Care
  7. She Thinks I Still Care
  8. Big Job
  9. I'm up to My Neck in I.O.U.'s
  10. Sweeter Than the Flowers
  11. Wreck on the Highway
  12. The More I Saw of Her (The Blinder I Became)
  13. A Thousand Arms (Five Hundred Hearts)
  14. I've Got Five Dollars and It's Saturday Night
  15. Louisana Man
  16. Drinking from the Well of Your Love
  17. Life to Go
  18. One Has My Name
  19. Mockin' Bird Hill
  20. I'd Like to See Me Stop You
  21. I Can't Stop Loving You
  22. Your Old Standby
  23. Won't Take Long
  24. I've Got a New Heartache
  25. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
  26. I Really Don't Want to Know
  27. As Long as I Live
  28. Born to Lose
  29. Don't Rob Another Man's Castle
  30. Love Bug
  31. Y'all Come
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