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Album Review

Released to announce the long-awaited re-formation of Spinal Tap's classic lineup (minus missing former drummer Joe "Mama" Bessemer), 1992's Bitch School instantly became one of the storied British band's most controversial releases. Although guitarist Nigel Tufnel was quick to point out that the title song was indeed about dogs, not women, this didn't stop inflamed feminist groups from picketing at certain shows on the band's comeback tour. Nevertheless, both "Bitch School" and its Deep Purple-esque B-side, the Derek Smalls-penned "Springtime," gave advance notice of the rampant double entendre that was in store for Tap's 1993 Break Like the Wind opus. And as an added bonus for die-hard fans, the three different configurations of this U.K. single each came enhanced with interview segments aptly entitled "Talk With Tap."
Eduardo Rivadavia, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Bitch School
  2. Springtime
  3. Talk With Tap, Pt. 2 [Exclusive Interview]