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April 20, 2004
Blues, Piedmont Blues, Folk-Blues, Country Blues, Acoustic Blues, Regional Blues

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Track Listing

  1. Watch Out
  2. Train Whistle Blues
  3. All Alone Blues
  4. I'm Gonna Rock
  5. Whoopin' the Blues
  6. Shake Down
  7. Brownie's Guitar Boogie
  8. Harmonica Stomp
  9. Custard Pie Blues
  10. Sweet Woman
  11. Riff and Harmonica Jump
  12. Big Legged Woman
  13. Beer Garden Blues
  14. Harmonica and Washboard Blues
  15. Screamin' and Cryin' Blues
  16. Gin Headed Woman
  17. Pawn Shop Blues
  18. Worried Man Blues
  19. Leavin' Blues
  20. Goin' Down Slow
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