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May 10, 2005
Beat Goes On
Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, Regional Blues, British Blues, Blues-Rock

Album Review

BGO rolls out this two-on-one set of two back-to-back Savoy Brown offerings. Raw Sienna, issued in March of 1970, was the last album to feature the great Chris Youlden, a fine songwriter and stunning blues singer. Only Eric Burdon is in his league among British singers of the era. His tunes, including "A Hard Way to Go," "I'm Crying," and "Needle and Spoon," are the clear standouts. The twin-guitar attack of Kim Simmonds and Lonesome Dave Peverett is also developed to its zenith here. Looking In, issued six months later, featured Peverett in the vocalist's chair -- a role he took more seriously when he formed Foghat with Rod Price and Roger Earle. While there are some excellent spots on the record (the title track and "Leavin' Again," the latter of which would be re-recorded better by Foghat two years later), Youlden's songwriting is missed and so is his authoritative singing. Packaging these two LPs together makes the flaws in the latter album more pronounced than they would otherwise be.
Thom Jurek, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. A Hard Way to Go
  2. That Same Feelin'
  3. Master Hare
  4. Needle and Spoon
  5. A Little More Wine
  6. I'm Crying
  7. Stay While the Night Is Young
  8. Is That So
  9. When I Was a Young Boy
  10. Gypsy
  11. Poor Girl
  12. Money Can't Save Your Soul
  13. Sunday Night
  14. Looking In
  15. Take It Easy
  16. Sitting an' Thinking
  17. Leavin' Again
  18. Romanoff