Pamela Roz

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New Age, Progressive Electronic, Techno-Tribal, Ambient, Experimental Electronic

Album Review

Roach's sojourn into the mythological mind of the Australian aborigines demonstrates that electronic music's greatest potential may lie in bringing our most elusive dreams and ancient memories into focus through potent, highly imaginative soundscapes. Altered chords that breathe ever so slowly, floating textures, digitally sampled aboriginal instruments, primitive trance rhythms, and arresting abstract sounds lead you through an unfolding maze of sonic dimensions that depict a sense of mystery and confrontation with the unknown. The double CD has 38 minutes of music not in the cassette version.
Linda Kohanov, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Towards the Dream
  2. The Continent
  3. Songline
  4. Airtribe Meets the Dream Ghost
  5. A Circular Ceremony
  6. The Other Side [Live]
  7. Magnificent Gallery
  8. Truth in Passing
  9. Australian Dawn- The Quiet Earth Cries Inside
  10. Looking for Safety [Extended Version]
  11. Through a Strong Eye [Extended Version]
  12. The Ancient Day
  13. Red Twilight with the Old Ones
  14. The Return
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