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The New BOMBER Stadium is JAW- Dropping !

Posted By: Boyd Kozak · 8/10/2012 10:02:00 AM

Last week i took a run to the University of Manitoba ,where the new  "Investors Group Field- Bomber Stadium" is being built.Pictures in the paper and on television don't do it justice. Let me tell you , it's"AWESOMELY- HUGE".The capacity of the new stadium will be 33,422 (partially covered) and the playing field will be covered in the winter, allowing year-round recreational use. The stadium, will have a corrugated metal roof, restaurant, 52 suites, walk of fame, parking garage and other amenities One must  get out of the  vehicle to appreciate how  truely big it looks. It will incorporate a bowl layout with seats on all sides surrounding a playing surface located eight meters below ground. This arrangement will create the unique experience of entering the stadium at the concourse level with the seats cascading below. Of the 33,422 seats, 22,000 will be located below ground, with an open concourse encircling the stadium that will provide a view to the field from every part of the stadium

There is NO  comparison to  the current POLO Park field. Watching our BOMBERS perform next season in these classey new digs will be a magnificent experience!. Take a drive and  have a look yourself. It's really BIG-CITY stuff.

New pictures were published today ,so i'm including them in the blog .....again , the pics don't reveal how totally GRAND the new stadium will become. If you're not a season ticket holder yet , once you view the place , you'll fast become's gonna be a treat!                lov                       koz 

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