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Loud applause please for The Winnipeg's Police Association!

Posted By: Boyd Kozak · 3/3/2014 9:58:00 AM

Just back from MEXICO and my e-mail inbox  was full. One marvelous message came from the Winnipeg Police Association ,indicating a major donation to our very own , Children's Hospital. Thirty-Five Thousand dollars , raised through the groups annual Fancy - Smanzy Charity Ball , the longest running annual charity function of its kind in North America.

President  , MIKE Sutherland , tells me , a surprising 426,000 bucks has been raised for that charity over 25 years.Members consider this humbling  to know that all that cash goes towards advancing care for children who need it the most.Almost half a million dollars dedicated to on-going support for sick kids at Childrens.

Children's Hospital says about 13 children an hour , 24 hours a day and every day of the year need our help. That's an astounding  , 113,000 visits per year.The money raised helps  sick kids get back to just being kids again. If ...

Ideas For The Weekend!

Posted By: Boyd Kozak · 2/21/2014 5:23:00 PM

A Final February Weekend-Spring is coming!

It’s the final OLYMPIC , so Go Canada Go!

Colder weather is predicted for the next three days for Manitoba  , so the RIVER TRAIL ICE should be good and hard for skaters , on the Red and Assiniboine rivers.

Be aware the  NHL Jets will practice on the same ice Sunday afternoon at 130. It’s only an hour long , so we suggest getting there early because the Forks People predict ten thousand fans will pack the sides

This weekend is also the Wrap-up  for Festival Du Voyegeur .Most activities continue at Whittier Park , re-named  Gibraltor Park  for  this event.

See some of the world’s finest figure skaters Friday Through Sunday at MTS Centre for Disney On Ice: After touring the world for two years it’s a first  for North America.

FRIDAY  (tonight) at Oak Hammock Marsh  it’s Astronomy night-the topic ...

They Expect over 10,000 people Sunday to watch Millionaires!

Posted By: Boyd Kozak · 2/20/2014 7:37:00 AM

I was on the River Trail with thousands of others on Louis Riel Day , Monday . It was a total mass of humanity , walking and skating on a wonderful warm  afternoon. A welcome break for everyone. This  Sunday , the FORKS wants us to know they have another  FIRST  for us. It's on the ice  near the Harbour.

The WINNIPEG Jets will be there  to hold an open practice beginning at 130 . Officials  expect standing room only crowds. The Team says  the team and full coaching staff will work out for a full hour , giving the public a chance to experience a pro hockey practice . Again it begins  at 130 , and Forks Folks suggest getting there early to get a good spot along the River Bank .Here's a clip  of  what we  might expect.  The Forks  adds there  will  be NO autographs this time because with so many people ...