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A Must Try Sport!

Posted By: Brody Jackson · 7/25/2012 9:16:00 AM

I’m a tad surprised that Daria didn’t turn around and stab me with her sword yesterday after I started our conversation on video with a dumb “fencing” joke. Samantha and I went to the Lightning Fencing Club last night for their “open house” to finally learn about the Olympic sport. I’ll be honest, “fencing is freaking cool” is not something I thought I would ever say…then again I always thought the Maple Leafs would win a Stanley Cup in my lifetime, so I’ve been wrong before. Fencing is a blast! I urge you to give it a try sometime. The reasons why:


-It will get you into incredible shape. You’ll have a fantastic butt afterwards with the amount of lunging involved.


-You get to use a sword…legally!


-It’s an Olympic sport that all ages can get into. Yesterday at the open house, there were a ton of kids trying it out (and they were reaaalllyyy good)


-It’s cheap! In fact, the open houses cost a whopping 0 dollars.


-Fencing is a lot of fun. Whether you take on your wife, Dad, friend, or Daria, you’ll have stories to tell afterwards. Although I don’t recommend challenging Doria, she’s got a silver medal from the Pan Am games hanging around her neck (she didn’t bring it to the practice, probably worried about Samantha’s silver infatuation).


Check out the Lightning Club’s website for info on how to get involved. CLICK HERE!


Our video will be up later today…it’ll give you a glimpse of how not to fence J

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