Michelle Cattani’s Guide to Summer – 204 style!

Posted By: Michelle Cattani · 7/1/2012 12:00:00 PM

I guess I can’t say that for much longer can I? I’ll have to say “204 and 431 style!” which isn’t nearly as catchy. I can see myself in a few years, when I have to get a new phone number, having a Carrie Bradshaw moment in the middle of the store: “Oh no, no. I’m a 204 gal. Always have been.” You know like in the movie? When she was no longer a 917…? Clearly I’ve seen that movie too many times…

Moving on.

Manitoba is a wonderful place to be in the summer. From festivals like Folk Fest, Fringe Fest, Countryfest (man, we sure like our ‘fests’) and Folklarama to awesome beaches and patios – we’ve got lots to offer! So in order to make the most of your summer this year – here are a few tips from me to you!

  1. Be spontaneous. We’re all busy – but those spur of the, “oh my goodness I’m free and you’re free let’s go do something fun!” moments can spark some of the greatest memories. Serendipity my friends, is not overrated!
  2. Say “yes” to new experiences. Never been to a Goldeyes game and your friend has an extra ticket? Go! Been meaning to try a new patio or new menu item? Do it! There’s nothing more fun than finding a new favorite summer hotspot or event.
  3. Never say “no”. Minds out of the gutter. That’s not what I mean! If a friend says, “Hey, let’s go for a walk!” or “Let’s try a new pavilion at Folklarama!” take them up on the suggestion and just do it! When winter comes, you won’t regret missing that re-run of Friends or that made for TV movie. That’s what PVRs and rainy days are for!
  4. Sit on a patio at least twice a month and just catch up, or people watch, with a friend. It’s relaxing, you’ll get some sun – and some of the most awesome moments I’ve ever inadvertently witnessed have been on a patio. But those are stories for another blog…
  5. Spend at least half an hour out in the sun every day. Take a walk after work – sit outside with a co-worker on your lunch break – or out on your deck or balcony. The sun makes you happy – I think it’s the vitamin D…
  6. Eat tons of summer fruit – like watermelon and berries. You’ll feel great and refreshed all summer long – and it’s the perfect snack for beach days! Which leads us to…
  7. Hit the beach as much as you can – whether it’s for a day or a weekend, relaxing on the beach with a good book is a must. Can’t make it to the beach? Your backyard will do! Just make sure you have a kiddie pool on hand for cooling off. Or a sprinkler. Running through the sprinkler isn’t just for kids, you know!
  8. Please tan responsibly. ‘Sunburn Red” isn’t a good colour on most people – and there’s nothing less fun than the pain and peeling that comes next. Plus, it’s really, really bad for you!

And there you have it.  Oh – and somewhere in there I should have added “eat a lot of ice cream”. Oops.

Got any tips like favorite patios or places to hang out in the summer? Help your fellow Manitobans out and leave ‘em in the comments :)

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