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Minus-too much outside and your kids want to make a fun craft? Stop the winter drafts in their tracks with a homemade window snake. Fill an old tube sock, or any tube of fabric with dry rice and lay it down across the windowsill. You’ll stay warmer and you can have fun designing them too!

The sun does a lot more than give you great light for your next selfie! During the day, open up those blinds and let the room naturally warm up so you can turn down the thermostat. Throw on a sweater or blanket to stay warm and at night, close the blinds to trap the heat inside your home! You’ll save money and stay warm and that’s always worth a like.

Grab that blanket, or big sweater and keep it close during the winter. Set the thermostat to your comfort when you’re home and while you’re out or asleep, drop the heat by five to eight degrees for eight hours and save around 10 percent on your bill!

If you have to print something for work or school, go double-sided to cut down on your footprint. The City of Winnipeg reported that every metric tonne of paper saved, we save up to 17 trees. If we all do our part, our tress will last longer and help clean up the air in your neighborhood.

Want to impress a client or boss at work? Wow them with your digital presentation skills rather than how much paper you can print. Digital presentations grab attention better, are engaging, and save on paper and ink. If you have to print, do it double-sided to cut down on waste.

Orange you glad that some fruit can help keep away ants, instead of attracting them? After you’ve eaten that delicious orange, chop up the peel and add it to a spray bottle to infuse with water. Grab that bottle an hour later and spray wherever you want ants to stay away. You’ll have them running for the hills!

The City of Winnipeg reported last year that more than one million dollars of aluminum cans went to the landfill. You can bring back beer cans to any beer vendor in the city for cash, or if you can’t find the time, leave them in a bin in your back lane and let someone else recycle them.

Give your car a fresh look with a car wash! If you want to wash it at home, use a bucket to regulate how much water you’re using on your vehicle! Using a hose can run excess water and run up your bill. Throw a big sponge in your bucket, a dash of elbow grease and your car will be looking great and so will your wallet!

After you finish that delicious omelette, crush those egg shells and sprinkle them into your garden. Egg shells are filled with valuable nutrients like calcium your plants can use as a natural fertilizer. Crushed egg shells can form a protective barrier around the base of eggplants, tomatoes, marigolds, and other plants prone to slug and snail damage too!

If your home still has a PC, you could be paying for power that you’re not using! Consider switching to a laptop to save energy and money but if you’re connected to your PC, make sure you turn it off when it’s not in use. Turning off your PC instead of using ‘sleep mode’ can reduce energy usage up to 40 per cent!

As much as we don’t want to, we all have to pay bills. So why not go paperless everywhere you can? Ask for your tax forms, phone bills and bank statements to be delivered online, it’s convenient for you and cuts down on paper waste!

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